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Inspecting Power Lines with Drones

Inspecting power lines with drones is hands down the best method to prevent critical failures in the grid. Being able to capture an infinite amount of angles with high resolution photos allows for unparalleled data. 

Better Data

With the right team, drones can get closer and capture virtually any angle on large 550kv transmission lines to small distribution poles. 


Increased Safety

Drones provide a safer method of data collection – from increasing public safety with better inspections, to increasing worker safety by keeping boots on the ground.

Lower Public Nuisance

Drones are significantly more quiet than helicopters so they are hardly noticed by public bystanders.

Cost Effective

For detailed inspections, drones are more efficient and have lower hourly operating costs compared to helicopters or bucket trucks.


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Drone Inspections for Wildfire Mitigation

Drones are an imperative tool for data collection and analytics for wildfire risk mitigation. 


Top Tier Drone Pilots

The tool is as good as the user. Making sure our talented pilots get the best training possible allows for consistency and mitigates risk.

Best Technology

Keeping up to date with the best drone technology gives us an upper edge on providing the best drone imagery possible. 

Ability to Scale

Scaling up to 75+ pilots and visual observers is nothing new to us. Being able to hire and train swiftly is crucial in time sensitive projects

Geospatial Capabilites

Project and data organization at scale is nearly impossible without a GIS solution for users in the field, office, and the customer. Learn more about our Geospatial capabilities here. 

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Drone LiDAR Services for Electric Utilities

Drone LiDAR collection on power lines allows for high fidelity data that allows for numerous use cases in just one flight. Being able to process LiDAR data in house creates a survey-grade product fit for engineering. 


Industry Best Sensors

With LiDAR sensors capable of 7+ returns and 1 million points/second we can produce incredibly dense accurate point clouds.

LiDAR Experience

Having field teams who know how to operate drones safely around power lines while capturing the best LiDAR data means quality data with no sacrifice to safety. 

LiDAR Use Cases for  Electric Utilities

  • Pre-construction Survey

  • Vegetation Management

  • Conductor Ground Clearance

  • Corridor modeling, and maintenance

  • Asset Evaluations

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Using the Best Collection Platform

Being able  to  choose  the  best  platform  on  a  project-by-project  basis  allows  us to collect the best data, efficiently. Drone data collection is our bread and butter,  however we realize that drones are not the most practical for every circumstance. 

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Mobile Collection

In areas of extremely high congestion where a helicopter or drone is not feasible, makes mobile scanning a great method. Our LiDAR systems are able  to scan in 360° which allows capture of wires overhead. 

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Drone Collection

Projects less than a hundred miles  is the perfect size for drones. They  make smaller survey areas cost effective and can capture virtually any angle to inspect various powerline components. 


Helicopter Collection

For projects in the hundreds or thousands of miles of powerlines   a  helicopter is the ideal platform.  Being able to capture both high resolution inspection imagery along with LiDAR gives a consolidated inspection of a powerline. 

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