See The Benefits of Aerial Thermal Imaging 

Thermal Imaging

Using Thermal Cameras, data analysts and cutting edge software can provide critical information into the building’s or asset’s thermal efficiency. Differences in thermal properties reveal temperature variations in buildings. By studying these variations, thermal leaks and under-insulated areas can be identified for repair.

Aerial Assessments

SkySkopes has partnered with RJ Energy Solutions to provide energy assessments to commercial and residential customers. Your assessment can be scheduled at your convenience.

Your assessment will evaluate your home's energy performance through the careful work of energy analysts who are certified by the Building Performance Institute or RESNET's Home Energy Rating System. Our analysts are equipped with the latest software and technology.

"I’ve been looking for a drone company to partner with so we can increase the value and bring more safety to our Energy Assessments. SkySkopes has been extreme pleasure to call a partner. They keep themselves available, ready to seek  new opportunity and understands the meaning of a partnership. I’m extremely excited and optimistic about the direction we are moving ahead of us."

- Russell Schell, CEO, RJ Energy Solutions

Services We Offer

  • Aerial Energy Assessments

  • Complete Energy Audit Services

  • Simultaneous Thermal and EO Capture

  • Imagery Analysis Software

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