Geospatial Services

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Geographical Information Systems

SkySkopes' GIS services allow us to combine multiple client datasets into one easy to use and understand interface that can be shared throughout their organization. Our services include: Data collection, Development and Implementation, Map Production, Web GIS, Programming, Analysis and UAS Support.

Inspection Project Management

  • Field collection applications allow users in the field to view real-time project updates. 

  • Logistical GIS support for operations and team management. 

  • Customized web maps allow a centralized location for any data overlay such as airspace, parks, private land, etc.

  • Operational dashboards for real-time tracking and visualization.

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GIS, Drones, and Electric Utilities

  • Improve asset location with precision using drone imagery. 

  • Understand your assets with high resolution imagery allowing for identification of components. 

  • Maintain your GIS with our experts in-house we can setup and update your customized GIS solutions. 

  • Host inspection imagery right in your GIS allowing for enormous amounts of imagery to be easily organized and used by people in the field and office.

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LiDAR Data Processing

SkySkopes can create survey-grade LiDAR data with our in-house post processing capabilities. Processing LiDAR data in-house ensures the highest standards from LiDAR acquisition to customer deliverables.


The first step in LiDAR processing is to calibrate the points between overlapping flight lines. Using tie points we are able to calibrate points to centimeter level accuracy. 

Feature Extraction

Using the high density point clouds, we can create vector paths of railways, roads, powerlines, ect. These can be pulled into GIS maps and used for CAD modeling. 


A high level separation of point clouds is a crucial processing step. Mainly separating the ground returns from vegetation is what allows the creation of digital surface models and contour maps of the "true" ground. 

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SkySkopes has ASPRS Certified LiDAR Technologists that are able to provide some of the best experience and knowledge on LiDAR projects.  

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Orthophotography Processing

As drone technology becomes more affordable, virtually anyone can create orthomosaics. The challenge is in ensuring survey-grade accuracy, mainly in the post processing stage. That is why we have an experienced in-house processing team. We can also capture and process extremely large survey areas with our helicopter mapping capabilities and powerful computers.


Using standard RGB (red, green, blue) imagery we are able to create survey grade orthomosaics that can be to any specified ground sampling distance and scaled up to even the largest project areas. 


Using sensors capable of collecting more than 6 bands of light we are able to process NDVI maps to provide vegetation health and coverage. 

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