Read Below What Drones can Provide to Oil and Gas

Drones in Oil and Gas

There a several ways that we believe drones can greatly enhance and benefit the oil and gas industry. The ability to inspect assets or infrastructure from the air greatly increases efficiency, as well as, safety, which might be the greatest factor. 

Optical Gas Imaging

SkySkopes provides aerial OGI inspections alongside key partners such as: Neset and Baker Consulting. We are able to provide a complete LDAR inspection for clients. 


Inspections of Oil and Gas Assets

We are able to provide detailed inspections of oil and gas facilities as well as LiDAR surveys. 

Services We Offer

  • OGI Inspections

  • Complete LDAR Services

  • Asset Inspection and Data Analysis

  • Facility 3D LiDAR Modeling

  • GIS Integration and Services

  • Pipeline Mapping & Monitoring

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