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Oil & Gas


Drone Hydrocarbon Leak Detection

Being  able  to  visualize  gas  leaks  while  keeping   personnel  off   site   increases   worker   safety tremendously.   Complete  your  fugitive  gas  inspections  with the best leak detection sensors using drone technology.   Drones are effective at gas leak detection due to the amount of angles captured, and can cover a large well site in a fraction of the time as traditional methods. 

Optical Gas Imaging (OGI)

Optical gas imaging is the latest method to "see" gas leaks. We use the very best camera system with our drone to detect even the smallest leaks extremely efficiently. Our OGI camera is able to detect 20 different hydrocarbon gasses.

T.D.L.A.S Methane Detection

Detecting very minor leaks is best done using a methane laser. The sensor is used side-by-side with the OGI system on the drone providing another valuable data-set in one flight. With the laser we are able to inspect pipelines, oil processing units, and well sites for any small leaks. 

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Aerial LiDAR for Oil & Gas

Aerial LiDAR provides value  from  multiple  aspects  from just one data set.   SkySkopes specializes in LiDAR collection and in-house   processing.     Providing  clients  with    high-fidelity LiDAR data in a timely manner. 



Ground Change Detection

Collecting aerial LiDAR temporally allows for centimeter level ground change detection. This provides midstream and upstream clients with a proactive approach to land slides and ground settling.

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Well-site Planimetrics

Creating LiDAR point clouds with dual imagery capture creates powerful data sets of well pads. With the updated maps we are able to tie in underground pipe locations to visualize where underground assets are located. 

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Tank Dike Volumetrics

Aerial LiDAR collection is able to get accurate ground elevation data. This, with high density point clouds gives volumetric software precise data on the total dike volume and where the break point is.

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