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Optical Gas Imaging is the latest and one of the most effective methods to detect fugitive gas emissions. With our drone-mounted OGI system, SkySkopes is able to deliver our clients quicker, more accurate inspections while keeping people out of harm's way.


Aerial LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) consists of mapping technology that measures laser returns reflected from nearby objects to an overflying aircraft, enabling incredibly fast and accurate surveys. Utilizing drone based LiDAR increases the efficiency of data collection and saves our customers money over traditional manned aircraft methods.


Our advanced aerial platforms are equipped with either high definition Electro-Optical (EO), thermal (IR), multispectral, or LiDAR sensors. Choosing the correct combination of aerial platform and sensor enables SkySkopes to reduce our customer’s inspection cost and increase efficiency, while minimizing safety hazards to employees.


Utilizing infrared (IR) imaging to gather heat exfiltration/infiltration data, enables our customers to make smart and proactive decisions to increase the energy efficiency of their assets. Advanced IR radiometric sensors allow SkySkopes to determine thermal deficiencies of a structure in real-time.


Unmanned aircraft bring many benefits to post damage assessments for utility companies and first responders. Accessing remote areas where it is unsafe for a human to reach is just one of the capabilities drones can provide. The addition of drones to a well designed emergency response plan enhances both safety and effectiveness at a time when every second counts.


GIS is a very powerful decision-making tool that is able to cover a range of applications. With GIS, you can analyze topographic, environmental, demographic and land use data to help you with your business decisions and project management.

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SkySkopes prides itself on delivering accurate and efficient data to our clients. Our team and partners have extensive experience at processing large data sets and meeting market changes.

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