See What Drones can Provide to the Power Industry

Drones in Power Utilities 

The power utility industry is a great example of the potential that drone technology provides and how it can benefit the industry. Applications include anything from detailed inspections to LiDAR mapping. 

SkySkopes Utility Services

Dual Sensor Inspection/Mapping

  • Dual Sensors allow for the capture of high resolution electro-optical (EO) and infrared (IR) imagery simultaneously, while also recording the GPS coordinates of every image collected

  • IR inspections allow customers to identify conditions that may cause outages or equipment damage before they occur

  • Create a digital library of your infrastructure assets to maintain more accurate records and monitor aging components

  • Organize georeferenced imagery by easily importing into GIS software suites

Other Services We Offer

  • Survey Grade LiDAR Mapping

  • Transmission & Distribution Detailed Inspections

  • Vegetation Management

  • Scheduled Inspection and Data Analysis

  • Substation 3D LiDAR Modeling

  • GIS Integration and Services

  • Thermal and Corona Data Capture

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