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Aerial Mapping Services



Aerial LiDAR surveying is the new standard for collecting precise datasets. Drone LiDAR data is being used for a variety of use case across many different industries. 

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Digital Orthophotography

Using drone technology we are able to capture extremely high resolution orthomosaics of RGB and multi- spectral bands.

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Geophysical Magnetic

Drones and new magnetometer sensors are changing how magnetic surveys are completed. Survey the toughest of terrain while capturing some of the best magnetic data. 

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Highway Drone Surveys

Capturing high density LiDAR point clouds with drones,  we are able to provide a multi-use data set.  Create  models  of  the  roadway  and  the  ditches  all  while classifying out the vegetation to gather ground  survey  points.  Having experience  with  working  multiple  State  DOT  agencies  we  have perfected road LiDAR surveys using aerial and mobile platforms. 

Industry Best Sensors

We are able to provide the very best LiDAR systems  to  our  customers which is able to provide  extremely  dense  point  clouds  for precise surface models. 

High Accuracy

Centimeter level accuracy is  obtained from every step  in  the  process.   From properly placed   ground   control   points  to   LiDAR acquisition methodology, every step  needs to be near perfect. 

Engineers on Staff

Our in house engineers  &  data processors are  able to quickly turn raw LiDAR data into calibrated, classified point clouds. 

Vegetation Penetration

Gathering  true  ground  returns  can  be   a challenge  with  traditional  survey methods. Using  drones   and   high   end  LiDAR,  we provide our customers ground returns  even through the densest vegetation.

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Using the Best Collection Platform

Being able  to  choose  the  best  platform  on  a  project-by-project  basis  allows  us to collect the best data, efficiently. Drone data collection is our bread and butter,  however we realize that drones are not the most practical for every circumstance. 

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Mobile Collection

In areas of extremely high congestion or road surveys,  make  for  great use of the mobile  LiDAR  scanning.   Our LiDAR systems are also able  to scan in 360° which allows for  scanning on the underside of objects like bridges.

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Drone Collection

Projects that are in the  thousands  of acres or less  is  the  perfect  size  for drones.   They  make  smaller  survey areas  cost  effective  with   how   fast they  can  complete  it  at  almost any data resolution required. 


Helicopter Collection

For project areas in  the  hundreds of thousands   of  acres   or   extremely  difficult  access makes  a  helicopter  the ideal platform.   With  experience completing 100 square mile projects. We  know  how  to perform helicopter LiDAR scanning at a large scale. 


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